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We offer an a la carte menu, based on the week market and seasons. This menu changes weekly, sometimes daily, accordingly we have a sample menu available.  

However keep in mind it might change on the day.

Local's Night Wednesday

Local's Night are on Wednesdays. 

2 courses with a glass of wine or beer

Wine Dinner

Introducing wine dinners with a set of individual courses. The night is hosted by a wine maker or wine supplier. We organise some regional Italian food. A night of talk, stories and history as we love them at Osteria il Coccia. Book in advance seats are limited each months. 

Le Tour de l'Osteria 70

4 courses

Don't worry about, you are in our hands for 4 courses. Designed for the whole table, we can accommodate the most dietary requirements, especially if you let us know before you come in.

Wine Pairing 49

4 wines

Host matching wines, Italian and French.

Wine Bar

A simple list with honest wines using sustainable culture when possible. 

They are wines from my region where I grew up, felt the terroir, grape harvest, with all the memories, smells and beautiful pictures of my country.

Wine doesn't need the price tag to be delicious.

They are many winegrowers absolutely passionate about their terroir and wines making fantastic wines.

Each of my wines have a story that I like to share.

Wine is a living product, that age, travels and carry history.

We are history so let's drink wine!

Again we change our list regularly, so this is a sample.